The Division of Leadership Development & Training

  • Are you wrestling with a vocation to ordained ministry?
  • Would you like to broaden your theological understanding/develop and hone skills in Leadership?
  • Would you like to learn more about Anglican traditions?
  • Are you interested in deepening your faith?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then this new training program is for YOU!

What is Foundations for Ministry & Leadership?

One Year Program designed to…

  • Introduce aspects of (Anglican) ministerial leadership.
  • Explore Anglican Origins & Traditions including The Prayer Book
  • Provide opportunities for discernment with respect to vocational clarity.
  • Offer training and formation experiences designed for the adult learner.

How Will It Be Done?

  1. A hybrid teaching/learning method, facilitated by qualified, competent and experienced (lay and ordained) ministry practitioners, will be employed to expose and equip participants for effective ministry and leadership within the context of mission.
  2. Courses will run consecutively and engaged in each instance, over a period of thirteen (13) weeks, for an overall program duration of fifty-two (52) weeks.

Four (4) Mandatory Areas of Learning Are…

  • Introduction to Ministry
  • Survey of Anglican Origins & Traditions
  • Introduction to the Prayer Book…Its use in public & private worship
  • Effective Ministerial Leadership/Emotional Intelligence

Who Is It For?

  • Leaders and prospective leaders interested in deepening their faith
  • Explorers of the vocation to ministry
  • Life-long learners interested in ongoing leadership development
  • Persons interested in Learning [more] about Anglican Traditions

What Should You Expect?

  • Online classes* workshops and webinars geared toward transformational learning.
  • Opportunities for small group engagement of issues related to the theology and praxis of Anglican ministerial leadership.
  • Exploration of contemporary ministry issues with a view to finding worthwhile and workable leadership solutions.

Are There Prerequisites?

  • Commitment to full participation in all aspects of the program. 

Tuition & Other Fees:

  • Applicants [in Jamaica] are required to pay a onetime non-refundable Registration fee of J$1000.00 to be paid upon acceptance of the offer of admission to the program.
  • Full Tuition cost (including access to online full text Religion & Philosophy journals), is J$40,000.00 per person (to be paid on or before the commencement date of the program)
  • Applicants [all other applicants] are required to pay a registration/tuition fee of US$350.00 (to include access to online full text Religion and Philosophy journals)
  • N.B. Payment options can be discussed/arranged with the Administrative Assistant, Ms Korrine Fairweather by calling 876-908-2826

How to Apply:                                 

  1. Complete and submit the online application form
  2. Write a 1000 word essay outlining your faith journey and reasons for applying to the Foundations for Ministry & Leadership Course
  3. Provide one (1) character reference [not from your priest or warden]; this should accompany your completed application form and essay (see 1&2 above).


Foundations for Ministry Application Form link: